About Us

Ethical Stores is owned by Indie Shaman, a small ethical independent UK based organisation.  Indie Shaman’s main activities include:

  • Publication of the UK's only magazine on shamanism available directly in print from an independent publisher. Indie Shaman magazine is a quarterly glossy high quality magazine printed on FSC paper with 48 pages packed full of informative illustrated articles. Also available in pdf format.
  • Operating Ethical Stores – a UK online shop featuring a wide range of fair trade and echo friendly goods and gifts.
  • Offering support, information and training on shamanism and living a shamanic lifestyle. 
  • Maintaining a list of shamanic practitioners with free access for members of the public looking for a practitioner and practitioners wishing to share information about their services (subject to references and verification). 
  • Maintaining a list of shamanic and related events and workshops with free access for members of the public looking for information and for those wishing to share information about their events.
  • Operating Shamanism Books – a book review website with free access for members of the public looking for information on books on shamanism and related topics/fiction.

For more information on our full range of activities please visit Indie Shaman.

Our Vision and Ethics

Ethical Stores has a wide range of the high quality fair trade, ethical and eco-friendly products via our website which provides simple and secure online shopping.  We never sell anything we aren't passionate about so if you have any questions about any of our products do get in touch!

Where our goods come from

We only stock products from friendly wholesalers where we have researched their ethical credentials and who can give us verifiable information about the origin of the goods.  They must also be willing to answer any questions we, or you, may have about them.

We look for goods that fit at least one of the following criteria: fair trade, organic, recycled, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, locally produced.  Products that have a positive impact on the person who did the producing as well as the buyer!

We aim to share as much product background information with you as possible to help you make informed ethical buying choices. 

Goods labelled as Fair Trade come from registered BAFTS importers who work solely with small producers in countries such as: Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Philippines, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

To the best of our knowledge all the goods we offer are traded fairly.  As not all suppliers are eligible to register with BAFTS we also stock local products from ethical wholesalers and producers within the UK plus products from outside the UK where the wholesaler visits and has a good knowledge of the supplier, can therefore provide verifiable information about them and where we judge the product to be ethical.  To differentiate these from the BAFTS supplied goods we do not label these goods ‘fair trade’ but give as much information as possible about them so you can decide whether they are a fair trade for yourself and make a fully informed purchase.   

Testing on Animals

We only stock products when the supplier can verify these have not been tested on animals. Please note it is virtually impossible for any supplier to claim all the basic ingredients of a product have never been tested on animals, although it is probably accurate for them to say that no basic ingredient have been tested on animals since 1967. 

All the products we stock are from reputable suppliers who hold similar principles to Ethical Stores and who use, as far as possible, natural pure ingredients.  We provide a list of product ingredients where appropriate to enable you to make fully informed choices about the best products for you.

Packaging and Recycling

We constantly evaluate our use of packaging and look for ways to minimise the impact our service has on the environment.  We actively recycle boxes and packaging and use recycled or FSC paper and packaging products wherever possible.


We strongly believe in community and therefore donate 10% of all our full price sales to wildlife rescues through our 'Good Causes' Fund.

For more information or should you wish to donate yourself, please visit Indie Shaman.  All donations are always most appreciated and passed directly to the wildlife rescues annually.

Contact Information

Indie Shaman: Office address: 18 Bradwell Grove, Danesmoor, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S45 9TA